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Choosing a school is a difficult and crucial decision.


Australian Boarding Schools International (ABSI), has been appointed by quality boarding schools in Australia to assist international students entry applications.    Working directly with our schools as part of the admissions team (focusing on international students) we can advise the best solution, location, and type of school to best meet the needs of the student.    ABSI is not an education agent representative - there are no ABSI fees charged.  We work directly for these schools as 'their admissions team for international students'. 


Our ABSI Directors are experienced professionals

Our ABSI Directors of International Enrolments discuss each applicant with Principals and gather all documentation and forms needed to complete a student's admission.  Following acceptance and payment directly to the school (not to ABSI), our Directors prepare and provide to the family, usually through the agent, all paperwork from the school, needed by the family to apply for their child's student visa.  Our Directors continue to work with the family/education agency in organising meet and greet (for arrival), and ensure communication by our school is provided, to ensure a smooth admission, and easy commencement.    


Applying for Entry 

Our schools require families and education agents to make application for entry directly via this admissions website or by emailing ABSI via our contact page.    Our team has been assisting families,  students and selected agents with enrolment enquiries and questions, and further supporting and guiding them through each step of the enrolment procedure on behalf of some of  the best boarding schools for over 20 years!  

For students wishing to consider the U.S.A. as a destination, rather than Australia, we can also assist.  Visit our USA ABSI Admissions Centre - American Boarding Schools - website:  www.schoolsboardingusa.com 

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ABSI Global Enrolments
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